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Anna provided me with simple routines to incorporate into my life  – additions I actually could DO.”  –Dee, Plant Biologist, Paddling Enthusiast,VA

Say Goodbye to Energy Crashes, Overwhelm and Lack of Sleep

Say hello to energy that lasts all day, great looking skin, a peaceful mind and deep, refreshing sleep. Here’s how…

Ayurveda translates as ‘science of life.’ Ayur (life), Veda(science/knowledge). It’s the sister science to yoga and is said to be 5000 + years old. Ayurveda is a mind-body health and wellness system based in the elements, rhythms and qualities of nature.

As human beings, we are part of nature and carry the five elements of space (hollowness in the mouth, lungs), air (breath), fire (cellular intelligence, gastric juices), water (plasma) and earth (bones) within our bodies. Each element has certain qualities: Space is clear and subtle, air is light and dry, fire is hot and sharp, water is wet and cold (in general) and earth is heavy and dense. Ayurveda organizes the elements in the body into three doshas or constitutional types. Vata (Space and Air), Pitta (Fire) and Kapha (Water and Earth).

We’re each born with a unique constitution (dosha) that doesn’t change over the course of our lives, but does get out of whack because we’ve trained ourselves to ignore our body’s natural intelligence. Our body is always communicating with us about optimal health, and all we have to do is listen. Ayurveda Wellness Coaching helps you understand your constitution and recognize the intelligence your body is (and has been) communicating to you about your health. You already have everything you need for optimal health, Anna helps you make the best possible choices based on your constitution, the seasons and your health concerns.

Western doctors now talk about the value of ‘personalized medicine,’ a type of medical care customized for an individual patient. Ayurveda has been offering preventative ‘personalized medicine’ for over 5000 years. If you’re wondering why certain foods or lifestyle choices work for others, but don’t work for you, an Ayurveda consult can reveal the answers. Anna is a certified Ayurveda Wellness Coach who is trained to assess your unique constitution and create a custom diet and lifestyle plan that promotes energy all day, better sleep, great looking skin and a peaceful, productive mind.  It’s time to thrive simply by decoding your body’s natural intelligence!

Personalized Coaching to Transform your Life

Your initial Ayurveda consult is all about learning about what matters most to you regarding your health. Anna spends an hour getting to know you and asking questions about your health concerns and goals. She gathers information about your daily routines and history to get a better understanding of your unique constitution.

Once she’s gathered enough pertinent information, Anna makes specific and practical dietary and lifestyle suggestions that, if implement consistently, will help you achieve your health goals. The The initial consult is an hour and a half and can be done in person in Asheville or via Skype from anywhere! You’ll come away with a new understanding of your body and empowered to take charge of your health.

Follow Ups 

In your follow up you share what is working and not working with Anna so that, together, you can make tweaks to your self-care routine if needed. Follow ups are great coaching opportunities to move past challenges that may have arisen while implementing diet and lifestyle changes from your initial consult. They keep you on track and support you on your journey of self-knowledge, health and balance. Follow ups are forty five minutes to one hour an can be done in person in Asheville or via Skype from anywhere!

*Beware* – Creating change and optimal health requires commitment and discipline. It’s not worth taking on an Ayurvedic consult if you’re not willing to create transformation in your life. This isn’t a magic pill, it takes a little work, it’s takes time and it can feel challenging, but your health is worth it!

Anna listens and really hears you!” – Stephanie, small business owner, Ottawa, Ontario

Lasting Changes Package

Implementing new diet and lifestyle choices can feel challenging, even though they are good for you. Anna’s ‘Lasting Change Package’ includes an initial consult + three follow ups that occur over a month or two month period (you choose). The consistency of visits, coaching and implementation can help you create new habits that contribute to a positive shift in and sustaining of your health and wellbeing.

Anna Levesque is an extremely knowledgeable, insightful, supportive and caring practitioner. I highly encourage anyone who wants to improve the quality of their health to work with Anna!” – Bekah, RI


Please call 828.505.2782 for availability or email anna @ watergirlsatplay.com. Consults are conducted in Asheville at Anna’s home office or via Skype, Face Time or Zoom.


Initial Consult (1.5 hours) $120.00

Follow up (45 min – 1 hour) $75.00

Ayurveda Intro Package – Initial Consult + Follow-Up $160.00. Save $35!  BOOK ONLINE NOW!

Lasting Changes package (Initial Consult + 3 Follow Ups over 1 or 2 months) $275.00. You save $70!  BOOK ONLINE NOW!

Let’s Get to Work!


Custom Cleanse Packages, includes an Initial Consult in which Anna creates a gentle cleanse protocol according to your constitution and health concerns. Anna then guides you through the cleansing process. Great for resetting your digestion, boosting energy and losing weight! Cost depends on length of cleanse. Please call or email to find out more!

Call 828.505.2782
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Meet Anna Levesque

Anna Levesque is the leading expert on paddling instruction for women and yoga for paddling, including SUP Yoga. Named one of the most inspirational paddlers alive by Canoe and Kayak Magazine, Anna’s twenty-plus years of experience as an accomplished international competitor, instructor, coach and author has landed her in mainstream publications such as TIME, SHAPE and SELF.

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"Anna is clear and concise and knows her stuff." - Instructor Candidate Evaluation, AZ

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