Whitewater Kayaking

Mind Body Paddle whitewater kayaking programs are committed to empowering you with exceptional skill, confidence and courage. The more skillful your strokes and maneuvers become the more confidence you gain. The more confidence you gain the more courageous (being fearful and taking action anyway) you become. When all three of these are in play the end result is more fun and satisfaction on the water.

If you’re looking to take your paddling to the next level then you’ve come to the right place. Gain access to Anna’s twenty plus years of whitewater kayaking experience as an international competitor and highly respected instructor and instructor trainer. Paddlers from all over the world seek out the unique combination of Anna’s skill and experience with her calm, compassionate yet direct and motivational coaching style.

If you want to talk just kayaking this may not be the right type of instruction for you. Anna often says that how we approach whitewater kayaking is how we approach life. Most of her students find that Anna’s coaching goes beyond the river and empowers their lives off the river just as much.  If you’re ready use kayaking to propel confidence and courage in all aspects then check out Anna’s programs that include private instruction, instructor training, and women’s specific intermediate and advanced programming in the US and abroad.