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Career Opportunity

Career Opportunity

Job Title: Marketing and Communications Coordinator (Part-time)

Are you a motivated, growth oriented lover of the outdoors with marketing experience who’s passionate about empowering women and being part of a growing small business? If so, you may be the right person for this job!


At Mind Body Adventure, Anna is committed to empowering women to take courageous action toward what brings them joy and has them thrive. Anna helps her clients reach their goals through practical healthy habits based in Ayurveda and yoga, and supportive paddling instruction and retreats. She meets people where they’re at, and offers mindset strategies that grow self-awareness, boundaries, courage and confidence.

As the marketing and communications coordinator you’ll be crafting compelling ways to reach new ideal clients, keep existing clients/community engaged with valuable content, story telling, and effective communication.

You’ll work closely with Anna to grow her audience, increase revenue and add value to the Mind Body Adventure community. 

You’ll have the opportunity to grow, learn and develop both professionally and personally.

Who will be successful

To be successful at this job, the person in this position must be a strong communicator, growth oriented, an initiative taker, and self-motivated. This job requires you to work independently and come up with new ideas and strategies to reach performance objectives.  

Be organized and timely – do what you say you’ll do by when you say you’ll do it.  

Savvy technical skills combined with creativity is important for compelling content creation and strategy.

Identify problems, recommend solutions, and don’t be afraid to ask questions. 

Someone who loves outdoor activities and is passionate about empowering women in the areas of health, boundaries and adventure.

Skills Needed

Marketing planning and implementation. Creating and running ads using Ads Manager for Facebook and Instagram. Compelling marketing and storytelling using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Tik Tok and Linked In. Content creation and administrative assistant skills including the use of Constant Contact, Canva (or other graphic design software), WordPress, SEO basics, strong writing abilities, Gmail, Google Calendar, basic video editing and photography skills.

Job Responsibilities


  • Create content plan for the year, broken down into each quarter with schedule of action items.
  • Create, run and monitor ad campaigns in Ads Manager for FB and IG for lead generation, list building, conversion and revenue growth.
  • Create a library of aspirational, well-crafted marketing assets (videos/photos/reels/stories/posts) for social media, instruction, coaching and retreats.
  • Schedule and publish consistently on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, Tik Tok, Linked In, You Tube) with the goal of increasing following and converting to sales. This includes real-time content creation and posting during retreats, trips and instruction.
  • Participate in the crafting and publishing of my weekly newsletter and blog post. This includes generating new blog post ideas.
  • Set up and monitor opt-in forms/offers for lead generation and list building on

Video support: 

  • Shoot videos of events/instruction/retreats using phone.
  • Edit videos with basic editing software (imovie or similar) to use as promo materials.
  • Create a shot list(s) to fulfill marketing priorities and asset.
  • Technical management of getting videos uploaded, managed, and usable.

Basic Photography: 

  • Take photos of events/instruction/retreats with phone or basic camera to use in marketing assets to grow leads and revenue.
  • Create a shot list(s) to fulfill marketing priorities and assets.
  • Curate images and graphics that are aligned with my brand, high quality and high touch.
  • Ensure photos are aspirational, diverse and inclusive.


  • Reach out to podcasters, TV, radio with guest pitches.


  • Schedule coaching calls and days of private instruction.
  • Help set up events/retreats and coordinate logistics.
  • Communicate with suppliers/sponsors, arrange food/gifts and or swag.

Email Management: 

  • Respond to leads and inquiries with timely, kind and accurate communication to address their needs and grow sales.
  • Identify and organize emails for me to respond to.
  • File and organize emails appropriately by client/event/theme.
  • Create an email response template library (for FAQs) and help develop an automated system for communication with clients.

Photo Organization and Management:

  • Curate a library of great photos that represent the brand and archive or remove any that are not useful.  
  • Transfer and organize photos/videos per activity or program in Dropbox for ease of use and content creation.


Part-time (15-20 hours) $25/hour.


Can work remotely with weekly meetings with Anna via Zoom, and willingness to travel.

Possible perks

You may have the opportunity to travel on retreats with Anna both domestically and internationally to support logistics, and take photos/video, and do real-time marketing.

To apply

Submit a cover letter, resume, and a short video explaining why you are the right fit for the role. Submit to [email protected] by February 22, 2022

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