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How to work smarter

Do you feel like you’re working really hard to reach your goals, and you wish it didn’t feel so strenuous? You’ve heard the statement ‘work smarter, not harder,’ but what does that mean? If you’re a river paddler who has …

anna levesque leading a group of whitewater kayakers down the pacuare river in costa rica

How to Practice Hard Moves on Easy Water

Are you feeling nervous or overwhelmed about taking on a new challenge, skill, practice or habit? If so, it’s time for you to practice hard moves on easy water. This is good advice in the world of whitewater kayak instruction, …


The one quality every leader should have

You are a leader whether you think of yourself as a leader or not. Even if you don’t see yourself as a leader in an organization or business, you are the leader of YOUR life. There is no greater responsibility …


How to Boof: Whitewater Master Class with Anna

If you’re afraid of rocks when you’re whitewater kayaking, then it’s time for you to learn how to boof. Boofing is an important technique that allows you to work with rocks instead of being afraid of them. If you want …


How to clear frustration out of your life

Have you ever felt miserable, wanted to feel better, but forgot how? I share mindset tools all the time on this blog, but the last few weeks I forgot to use them for myself. Then my coach asked me a …


Don’t only focus on the fun stuff (like I do)

My knee is injured, I have my period (in perimenopause so it feels moodier) and I’m stuck in a car driving across country for 4 days. Sound fun?! I get that these are ‘first world problems,’ especially when I consider …


How to get results in the face of self-doubt

Flooded with self-doubt, I decided to join my husband, Andrew, for some stress relieving ski runs. I was contemplating my predicament as we were riding up the chair lift. There had been so many cancelations in the past month (including …


Want more confidence on the water? Refresh your posture and your strokes.

Spring is here, rivers are flowing, and it’s time get back in your kayak! Dusting off the cobwebs can feel awkward so I’m sharing a video I created for last year’s Whitewater Master Class to help you out. In this …


Start your health reboot here

Do you want to reboot your health, but don’t know where to start? You’ve tried so many different approaches, without any of them actually sticking. I want you to know that it’s normal to go through cycles with your health …


Lessons from the Winter Olympics and being a ‘choker.’

Do you equate your performance to your self-worth? If you do, your emotional state probably fluctuates between being super happy and proud when you perform well, and feeling like a terrible failure as a human being when you don’t. This …