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Paddling and Wedding in the French Alps

I have to admit that France had never been high on my list of places to visit. Not because I didn’t think it would be a nice place, but because more exotic places in Latin America and Africa captured my …


Yukon Trip Report and Video

This past July Mary-Jane and Vernon Oliver invited me up to Whitehorse in the Yukon to teach for their local kayak club. Whitehorse has a really friendly paddling community that boasts some fantastic paddlers, including kids in the River Raiders …


Cindy's Trip to Chile

I just returned from Argentina/Chile. I have been to Chile four times now and keep feeling the call to return. I used to go straight to the Rio Futaleaufu and spend my days floating down the big wave trains the …


Grand Canyon Trip 2005

What a trip! It’s difficult to put the experience into words. The Canyon isn’t just a pretty backdrop, it’s an inspiring magnificence that surrounds you day and night. The landscape is humbling and generates a sense deep within that there …


Filming of Whitewater Kayaking Basics for Women in Mexico

Last month I spent an amazing five weeks in Mexico, my favorite Latin American country. Most of my time was spent in a small village called Jalcomulco situated in the state of Veracruz on the Antigua river Not only is …


Slave River Trip Report

If you are under the impression that the Slave river is for hardcore paddlers only, think again! Although the Slave has a BIG reputation, the river has a gentler, less intimidating side as well. When I traveled to the Northwest …


White Nile Paddling and Volunteer Trip Report

I was really nervous about going to Africa. Not only had I heard tales of gigantic whitewater, crocodiles, hippos, poisonous snakes, spiders and malaria from paddlers, but there is also the mass media that features stories of serious illnesses, war, …