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Mind Body Paddle Community

Mind Body Paddle Community

Have you been looking for a like-minded group of women who love paddling and adventure? Who are committed to lifting themselves and others up when it comes to mental agility, confidence and courage? A community ready to support your health in mind, body and paddling?

If so, you’ve landed in the right place!

In the Mind Body Paddle Community you’ll learn and share strategies for courage and confidence, up-leveling your paddling skills (and your teaching skills if you’re an instructor), setting boundaries, and cultivating relationship with the water and each other. You’ll also receive and share advice on healthy eating, yoga for paddling, morning routines and habits that support you in being strong, courageous and healthy (on and off the water).

Once per quarter (4 times per year in September, December, March and June) you’re invited to a 60 minute zoom call with me where I’ll do a short lesson on a topic brought forward by you, the community. There will be plenty of time for rich discussion and sharing.

This is a collaborative community. When you join you have the power to both contribute and benefit deeply.

The Mind Body Paddle Community is a year-long, renewable membership.

It includes membership in a private FB group, 4 group zoom calls with me per year, consistent curated content and strategies for paddling technique, mental agility, healthy habits, yoga for paddling and setting boundaries. You’ll also exclusively get the recordings for any webinars that I lead throughout the year.

How it works
  • Join by clicking the link below.
  • Receive a welcome email within 48 hours with the invite to the private Mind Body Paddle Community FB group.
  • Join the FB group to get situated before the content starts flowing starting September 1, 2022
  • If you don’t do FB, look for an email invite to the first zoom call in September and you’ll receive an email every 2 months delivered to your inbox (6 per year).
Start date: September 1, 2022
Investment: $197 year $97 for the first 100 founding members.

The community is on-going, so you can join any time, but the founding member price will end as soon as we reach 100 members. The founding member price will also be honored for 2 years (that means when you go to renew as a founding member your renewal for year 2 will be $97).

Click Here to join as a founding member!

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