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Master Your Whitewater Mindset: 8 Week Course

Master Your Whitewater Mindset: 8 Week Course

Are you ready to feel confident, courageous and mentally strong on the water? And, off the water too?

anna levesque at the bottom of 10 ft falls on Wilson Creek

You know you have the skills, but you keep second guessing yourself and getting in your own way. This leaves you filled with regret and frustration, and may even have you think that whitewater isn’t for you. I can relate! Wouldn’t it be nice to not miss your line or your roll because you found yourself consumed with fear (maybe not even realizing it), and/or tried to rush things when you didn’t need to?

This live 8 week online course will give you the tools you need to master your whitewater mindset.

Here’s the bad news… Your brain is designed to assess threats and opportunities so your fear will never go away.

Now for the good news… When you know and practice strategies that trigger your confidence in the face of your fear you can accomplish things you didn’t think were possible before.

Stop waiting, wishing and hoping for your fear to someday magically disappear. Start learning strategies you can deploy in the face of fear to help you reach your goals, feel confident and have fun.

Weekly Overview

Week 1: Mental Agility Week – Take a hard look at your self-talk, the stories you’re telling yourself that suck your confidence, and learn how to create a confident and empowering context for yourself on the water, and off the water. It’s time to take the lesson of hard moves in easy water and apply it to your mindset.

Week 2: Boundary Bootcamp – Learn how to set and protect your boundaries. When you say yes to something it means you’re saying no to something else. Are you saying yes to people, self-talk and situations that align with your goals and who you say you want to become?

Week 3: Power up your Mornings Week – Mastering your whitewater mindset starts when you wake up. What you choose to do first thing in the morning will set your day up for success or for challenge. Small, consistent actions over time are what create big results. What are you choosing? Learn to build morning habits that power up your whitewater mindset every day.

Week 4: Yoga for Paddling Week – Your low back pain probably has nothing to do with your back and everything to do with your tight hips. The stretch you’re doing for your upper back is probably making your shoulders more vulnerable to injury. How do I know this? As a certified yoga teacher who has studied with physical therapists, and been paddling and working with paddlers for 30 years, I’ve come to know the patterns of paddlers bodies. It’s time to learn how to effectively stretch and strengthen for paddling, AND for a strong, calm mindset. Live and recorded yoga class this week!

Week 5: Sleep Week – This may be the most important week of the entire course! The science is clear, getting between 7-8 hours of sleep per night is the foundation for your health, both physical and mental. During this week we’ll look at what the science says and implement a bedtime routine and sleep habits that boost your energy, enhance your mood and clear your mind so you can operate out of a powerful mindset.

Week 6: Food as Medicine for your Mindset Week – I bet you’ve experienced the sensation of being so nervous about running a rapid or a river that you had a really strong urge to poop. That’s your brain sending signals down to your gut and inducing a response in your gut to get ready to deal with a challenge. Did you know that the information flows the other way too? When you have digestive distress the signal from your gut travels to your brain and affects your mood and your cognitive function. What you eat affects your digestion, your digestion affects your brain. This week you’ll learn how to eat well to support your gut/brain axis and empower your whitewater mindset.

Week 7: Hard Moves in Easy Water Week – When your paddling skills are effective and efficient it’s easier to feel confident. When you’re confident you have more fun and that makes you want to practice your skills more. It’s a wonderful cycle of build skill, build confidence, have more fun! This week you’ll learn the 6 elements most important for building your paddling skill so you can build your confidence.

Week 8: Community Week – Paddling is not a solo sport. The social aspect of paddling brings joy, and it can also be a challenge. If you’ve ever felt disempowered because of someone in your group, you’ve experienced what it’s like to give your power away to someone else. This week you’ll learn strategies on how to keep your power and your confidence regardless of who you’re paddling with. On the other hand, you may not be aware of the impact you have on others in your group. Self-awareness is part of being a good team player. This week you’ll explore what it means to be in community on the water, how to empower yourself and others in community, and how to create a supportive community of paddlers.

What’s included:
  • 7 group zoom calls (weekly with a 1 week break). Zoom calls will be at 7:30 p.m. Eastern 2024 calls TBA
  • A weekly video lesson with actionable items (homework 🙂 to help you master your whitewater mindset.
  • Reading list to help you process and implement the strategies your learning.
  • FB group for insights and experience sharing.
  • Less fear and frustration.
  • More courage and confidence.
  • Feeling in control of your actions and your mindset in the face of fear.
  • Sense of agency over your health, your time and how you approach life.
  • Start 2024 fully prepared for a powerful and fun paddling season and year.
Starts January 8, 2024


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