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Fall Wellness Circle

Fall Wellness Circle

Ready to experience a steady, strong and grounded fall season?

Join a circle of health-minded women who are committed to supporting your journey in becoming the healthiest YOU!

Fall season is cool, variable, anxiety producing, dry, and it can feel rough on your mind and body.

Our world is already full of uncertainty and it’s more important than ever to find your steady ground on which to thrive.

This circle will help you calm your mind and strengthen your body with nourishing foods and practices.

In this group coaching program I guide you in appropriate food choices, schedule and activities that align your body and mind with the qualities of fall season.

This group setting is full of support, friendship and insights.

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  • Steady energy that lasts all day without variability.
  • Calm, peaceful mind.
  • Hydrated and smooth skin to counteract the rough and dry nature of fall season.
  • Greater confidence and courage.
  • More efficient digestion.
  • Clear and calm thinking.
  • Overall feeling of wellbeing.
  • Enhanced decision making skills around food.
  • Increased self-awareness.
  • Deeper connection with nature.

This 6 Week Group Coaching Program Includes:

  • Group coaching and support for optimal fall season health and wellbeing.
  • Outlined fall season diet for optimal energy, weight management and vitality. (hint: Pumpkin spice really is a thing and has benefits!!)
  • Daily fall routine for a calm, steady and high performing mind and body.
  • Weekly email from Anna with Ayurvedic topic/teachings and diet and lifestyle tips for the week.
  • 3 group coaching calls per month with Anna Monday September 21st 7:30 p.m. ET, Monday October 5th 7:30 ET and Monday October 26th 7:30 ET.  Calls will be recorded so you can watch and download later if you have to miss one.
  • Group support emails – anytime you need them! Just reach out.
  • Group support threads in my private FB group Courage, Confidence and Wellness with Anna
  • I’ll answer any questions via email or in the group within 48 hours.
  • Healthy Ayurvedic fall recipes.
  • A 30 minute digital yoga class for fall season.
  • A steadying guided meditation for fall  season.

Starts September 21, 2020

How it Works

  1. Sign up by Friday September 18th.  If you’d like to add the Guided Fall Cleanse to this coaching, register for both by September 7th and save $100! CLICK HERE to combine both and save!
  2. You’ll receive a welcome email.
  3. Join the first Zoom call on Monday September 21st at 7:30 ET
  4. Participate full in the program.
  5. Experience your best and most grounded fall season yet!

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What Happens Next

  • Within 24 hours of registering you’ll receive your welcome email with information and link.
  • You’ll also receive an invite to the FB group, if you’re not already a member.
  • Sunday September 20th you’ll receive a group email welcoming everyone to the program with a reminder about the Zoom call and link.
  • On Monday September 21st you’ll log into the Zoom call and the program will begin!
How do I know if  this program is the right fit  for me?

This group program is for you if:

  • You’re ready to live your steadiest and strongest fall yet.
  • Becoming a healthier version of you is important to you.
  • You’re willing to participate fully in the program by being on the Zoom calls, offering and receiving support and sharing insights.
  • Decreasing anxiety and increasing peace of mind is important to you.
  • You feel stuck in body and/or mind and want to experience greater freedom.
  • You want to make a change, but you’re not sure how.
  • You want to incorporate healthy habits into your life.
  • You understand that health is wealth.
  • You understand that you’ll get out of this program what you put into it.
  • You want to share in the joy of growing and celebrating accomplishments with a group of like-minded women.

This program isn’t for you if:

  • You expect results without putting in consistent effort over the course of the season.
  • You don’t like group programs and activities.
  • You’re not willing to fully participate in the calls or email threads.
  • You’re unwilling to try new things.
  • You feel like you’re in perfect health and you don’t see any reason to make changes.

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