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Creek Week with Anna

Creek Week with Anna

Step up your Class III/IV creeking game.

Transform fear and self-doubt into smooth lines and powerful paddling.

Join Creek Week, a supportive, confidence-building intensive for female paddlers.

  • Learn effective strategies for building courage on the water in the face of fear.
  • Boost your confidence with creeking techniques like boat angle in tight spaces and boofing.
  • Make new paddling friends who support you in stepping up your creeking skills.
Start leading, stop following

If you’ve ever experienced indecision on the river that leads to crashes and spiraling confidence, OR been so overwhelmed with fear that your skills deteriorate and you miss your line, OR not felt supported when your paddling buddies say: ‘just follow me,’ or ‘you’ll be fine,’ then Creek Week is for you!

Learn how to paddle Class III/IV confidently
  • Learn on the well-known Class III-IV creeks of WNC with a supportive group of women.
  • Receive coaching from leaders who are committed to supporting you, not judging you.
  • Experience the transformative learning that happens through nightly video review.

Anna has been leading Creek Week for over 10 years and is passionate about empowering women in paddling.

“Creek Week has allowed me to build skills and confidence that I couldn’t seem to find from ‘just’ boating. I felt more comfortable and confident kayaking this week than I ever have.” – Celene, CO

woman whitewater kayaking in asheville

Book Now

April 7 – 13, 2024

$4,500 secured with a 50% deposit of $2,250 with remaining balance due Feb. 8, 2024 Book Now

Pay in full before Dec 31, 2023 and save $450 (10% discount)

What’s Included:
  • Accommodation in a house in the Asheville area with your own private room.
  • Meals, including catered dinners.
  • Transport to and from the rivers.
  • Exceptional paddling instruction.
  • Video review of paddling skills every evening.
  • 2:1 paddler to coach ratio – Max group size of 5 participants keeps things intimate with personal attention.
Important things to consider

1.You don’t need to be a Class IV boater to join, but you do need to have the willingness to challenge yourself at that level. It’s important that you feel comfortable padding Class III and have a solid combat roll in Class III.

If you book into this course I’m assuming that you have self-assessed, and that you are confident and comfortable paddling and combat rolling in class III whitewater. If you have any concerns or questions please email me before booking.

3.Once the course has started, if I determine that you do not meet the above requirements, Mind Body Paddle is not obligated to offer easier alternatives, nor is Mind Body Paddle obligated to refund any part of the course fee.

4. You must be able and prepared to hike with your kayak for about 30 minutes uphill. There are 2 hikes this week. One out of the Upper Green (3/4 of a mile) and one into the Little Black Water Falls (about 3/4 of a mile also) for boof practice.

How many women are in the class?

Our maximum group size is 5 participants and 3 coaches. 

What boat should I paddle?

I require that you paddle a creek boat. This is a creeking intensive and it’s important that you paddle in a suitable boat that reduces the risk of injury to you, the group, and the coaches. Slicey boats will not be permitted.

Do you have a creek boat I can use?

You are expected to bring your own boat. If you need to rent a boat locally because you’re flying in, I can put you in touch with our local store that rents quality whitewater boats. They have a full fleet, and a week of renting runs about $200. I’m happy to help you with pick up and drop off.

Got other questions? Email me and I’m happy to answer them!

Creek Week 2023 Dates

April 7 – 13, 2024


$5,000 secured with a 50% deposit of $2500 with remaining balance due Feb. 8, 2024 Book Now

Save 10% when you pay in full in one payment before Dec 31. 2023, Book Now to save $500


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