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Join Girls at Play in Costa Rica for an unforgettable week of whitewater kayaking, yoga, jungle, delicious food and friendship! Anna first traveled to Costa Rica in 1996 where she was an adventure guide for rivers, mtn bike trails, rappels, zip lines and even hot air balloons! She is very excited to now be guiding whitewater trips in this beautiful, peaceful tropical country that houses 6% of the planet’s biodiversity and some of the best rivers in the world!  We are offering an intermediate Womens Week of Rivers in January 2017. Click on the links below to read up about each one and join us for a trip of a lifetime!

Trip Dates:

Womens Week of Rivers

We are taking a break in 2017. Check back in the spring for possible 2018 dates. Happy Paddling!

Click Here to read more about Womens Week of Rivers in Costa Rica!



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