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Are Your Daily Habits Killing You?

Do you set your daily habits around your work schedule? You wake up, look at your phone, drink your coffee and then get ready for work. You’re already stressed before you even leave the house! At work you multi-task while …

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The 5 BIG Benefits of Drinking Warm Lemon Water

Are you reliant on coffee first thing in the morning to get things done? I get it. Coffee is delicious and energizing, but it also dehydrates you and activates your stress response before you even get to work. How you …


How to Get What You Want

Is there something you really want for yourself but you’re not sure where to start? Stop staying stuck in the same cycles hoping for something to change. It’s time to take your first step. Here’s the answer: Clear space If …


3 Bad Habits to Avoid in Spring

Is spring a tough season for you? Do you have trouble shaking off the heaviness of winter, or find yourself always getting sick in spring? Your habits could be making you suffer more. If you incorporate habits that support your …


The Courage to See the Water We Swim In

How do you grow your courage? You start by getting uncomfortable. Two young fish were swimming happily along in the ocean doing their thing. As they rounded the corner of a reef, an older and wiser fish swims by and …

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How to Turn your Breakdown into a Breakthrough

Are you hard on yourself, beating yourself up for mistakes you’ve made in hopes that it’ll help make the horrible sinking feeling of failure go away? The weight of not living up to who you think you are or how …


Burn Off Your Brain Fog

Are you suffering from brain fog that makes you dull and your work day drag on longer than it needs to? Wouldn’t you rather be clear, focused, and get your work done efficiently so you have more time for the …


Reduce Spring Congestion with These 3 Foods

Spring is around the corner, and now is a good time to start prepping to feel healthy and full of energy when the warm weather shows up, everything starts to thaw, and the blooms pop up! When you don’t have …


Treat Yourself to Self-Love (Literally)

Have you ever wondered why sweets and chocolates are associated with love and Valentine’s Day? One possible answer is that sweet taste, according to Ayurveda, is associated with love. It’s a taste that grounds you and offers you comfort. It’s …


How to Power Your Paddling

Want more power and balance when you paddle? Stop paddling with your arms and start engaging your core (including your legs)! I love that SUP is easily accessible, but I dislike the misconception that there’s nothing to it. Stand up …