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ACA Whitewater Kayak Instructor Course

ACA Whitewater Kayak Instructor Course

Concerned when you see new paddlers being given misinformation, led into bad experiences, and not offered a safe space to thrive by ineffective instructors and leaders?

Ready to share your passion for kayaking and make a real difference for people who love the sport?

As an ACA Instructor Trainer, with almost 30 years of paddling and leadership experience, I’m here to help you:

  • Become a confident leader in Class III whitewater.
  • Develop the mindset to lead by setting boundaries AND being compassionate.
  • Be able to effectively perform and teach technical skill at the highest level in up to Class III whitewater.
  • Cultivate tools to help you and your students acknowledge and overcome fear.
  • Practice effective teaching to different learning styles and skill levels.
  • How to run a successful paddlesports business based on service to others.

Not all instructor certification courses are equal. I’m proud of my 27 years of experience as a freestyle and extreme race athlete, trip leader, instructor, author, coach and passionate whitewater enthusiast. The opportunity to share my experience and skills with new instructors lights me up.

I do have to warn you though, this course is challenging, and designed to take you out of your comfort zone. If you’re ready to be courageous and take on the challenge of inspiring and empowering others in the sport you love, then this course if for you!

Here is a link to ACA requirements and expectations for L4 Whitewater Kayaking:

NOTE: Payment and attendance DO NOT guarantee certification.

2022 Course Dates:

L4 WW Kayak ICW with Camp Carolina May/June 2022

L4 WW Kayak ICW with Team River Runner May/June 2022

L3/4 WW Kayak ICW in Asheville September 9-11 and October 7-9, 2022 – Both weekends required. Venues: Lake Julian, Tuck Gorge, Section 9 of the French Broad. 

Investment: $800

Click Here to register online. Email me with questions.

Course includes video resources, 5 days of world class paddling and leadership training with Anna, pre-course zoom call and yoga for paddling book. Does not include ACA membership and SEIC dues, course pre-requisites, lodging or food.

“Taking your course challenged me, inspired me and rekindled my love for teaching kayaking! I can honestly say that I would not have even considered chasing this dream if I had certified with a different IT. It is not often in life that one has the privilege of meeting a person who can be such a profound positive influence. I know you are that person for countless others too!” – Chris Massey, L4 WW Kayak Instructor, NC


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