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Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking

Motivational Speaking
Anna Levesque is a world-class whitewater kayaker who has a passion for inspiring and motivating people to realize their full potential. She has the gift of connecting deeply with her diverse audiences from athletes to business executives. The talented trilingual speaker reaches across cultures with her upbeat and charismatic delivery. Her experience as an accomplished international competitor, author, instructor and guide has placed her as the leading expert in her field. She’s been quoted in TIME Magazine, offering her expertise on kayaking to the mass media.

The World Medalist, five-time Canadian Freestyle Kayak team member and business owner, believes that success in any endeavor requires vision, commit-ment, passion, some risk-taking and an unwavering belief in yourself.

Anna combines her international expertise in kayaking with her experience as a yoga instructor and student of meditation, to inspire her audiences to confidently create success and happiness in all aspects of their lives. Having built a successful small business from her own passion for kayaking and adventure, Anna knows what it means to follow your dreams!

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Keynote Talk

The Flow of Success: Teachings from the River

Anna understands that facing challenges and taking risks brings up old habits and thought patterns that keep most people from following through with their ideas, passions and dreams.

Using anecdotal stories to illustrate the teachings of the river and their relevance to everyday life, Anna helps her audience work through and let go of old patterns and fears. She charismatically relays the message that accomplishment is available to everyone, not just to those who kayak big rapids or climb tremendous mountains.

Anna takes what she’s learned on the water and applies it to creating a happy, successful life. Whether the goal is getting better results at work, increasing prosperity, health or creating fulfilling relationships, Anna effectively motivates and inspires her audience to take the first steps—or paddle strokes—toward success.

  1. Pay attention to what you’re doing and where you are.
  2. Go with the flow of whatever comes your way. Use the flow to your advantage to make action feel effortless.
  3. Focus on where you want to go … instead of the obstacles in your path.
  4. If you flip over, roll up, keep going and forgive yourself for flipping over in the first place!
  5. Respect your fear, but don’t let it stop you.

Other Popular Topics
Improving Cross Gender Communication in High-Risk Situations

Risk-taking is a prerequisite for success. In fact, how we approach and respond to risk-taking determines how well we succeed. When faced with risk, women have a different reaction than the traditional ‘fight or flight’ response that’s typical of men. Instead, women react in a way that’s been coined ‘tend and befriend.’ Men take away tools to better understand, encourage and support their female colleagues in high-risk situations.

Men are physically aggressive and confident when faced with risk. Society has defined these behaviors as paramount to success in business, academics and sports. Women step back, evaluate the consequences of the risk and seek out strong support systems before taking on a challenge. Both strategies are valuable, yet women’s behavior is often considered weak and emotional.

As a professional athlete in a male-dominated extreme sport, Anna helps women understand the value and power of their approach to challenges and risk-taking. Women come away from Anna’s presentation with a better understanding of themselves, a belief in their ability to succeed and tools for constructive communication with their male peers.

From Kitchen Girl to Girls at Play

In this talk and slide show Anna tells stories of her journey from being kitchen staff at a rafting company to the building of her company Girls at Play, Kayaking for Women. Learn how, by following her passions, Anna continues to create an abundant , successful and adventurous life for herself. See photos from her travels to Mexico, Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Costa Rica, Spain and more!

Recreational Kayaking Workshop

This is an opportunity to learn from a world-class athlete and instructor! Anna gives tips and guidance for women who are just getting into recreational kayaking or who want to add to their knowledge base. You’ll learn:

  • How to lift and carry your kayak
  • How to choose the right kayak
  • What to look for in quality gear and how to pick a good rack system.

Anna reviews stroke and safety techniques so you get the most out of your kayak outing whether you’re going on a leisurely paddle, or trying to get a workout.

This session increases your knowledge so that you make smart buying decisions and enjoy your time on the water more!

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