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How She Climbed Out of Her Rut

How She Climbed Out of Her Rut

Are you stuck in a rut that has a deep groove, and feels impossible to climb out?

You’re not alone. As K shares below, she was stuck in a 20+ year rut.

K is an accomplished, professional woman in her 40s who wants to share her story to help other women like her regain confidence, clarity and joy.

Not just for themselves, but also for the positive impact that they can have on their families, colleagues, community and beyond.

If you feel stuck, I hope you’ll hear the possibilities for yourself in K’s story in her own words:

I had reached out to Anna in September because I was sick of being scared and of avoiding everything.
Understand, I was doing work on myself. I hold no shame in saying I have been doing work with a therapist for several years. I started during my son’s senior year in high school, and she has helped me maintain…let’s say composure and sanity, but I was in a rut that she and I could not identify.
A 20+-year-old rut.

Before I started doing this work with Anna, I also was chronically tired; I felt disembodied, I had inflammation that was literally deforming my body, I took Zyrtec daily for years, I was indecisive, overwhelmed, had brain fog so thick it would be deadly on a busy highway, lonely, and numb.

Just below the numb surface was not happiness or joy; I was pissed off, which was not ever allowed!

Nothing was going right. Everything was becoming difficult and everything difficult I touched turned to dust.
My daily routine was exhausting.

I would begin work as soon as I had coffee. I didn’t eat until 1 or 2 PM and did that at my desk, same for dinner, and I worked often well into the night.

No surprise, therapy, meditation and mental health apps, and health-focused diets all probably kept me afloat. The problem was they were compartmentalized and not coming together, nor was anything sticking long-term.

I felt immediate results with the PI (private instruction) for kayaking and confidence. It was noted at work, and I regained so much self-confidence. Best of all, I was back kayaking with my husband!

I wanted to incorporate my health into how good I was feeling, so I joined the fall cleanse in October. That was profound for me! First and foremost, I had a major release of resistance.

Cleaning my body of the things I didn’t need or want, listening to my body, and giving it what it did need, felt like cleaning a very filthy window. I wanted more, and I was a sponge for it. Anna and I have been working on my health plan since the cleanse.

After nearly three months, I have not taken or needed Zyrtec. My body is nimble, and inflammation completely in check.

I am active again, doing things that I love. Emotionally, I’m in touch with myself again, feeling! I mean, feeling real feels!

My mind, decisions, emotions are all within my control rather than controlling me.

Energywise, I have completely new sleep and waking routines, and I don’t need to use an alarm clock anymore.

I love choosing myself every morning and the freedom and power I have from the benefits I feel from those routines.

The largest impact I’ve seen is that I have changed how I view things that have resulted in me feeling compassion and love. It reflects from my relationships, and I’m not spinning my wheels and wasting energy on trying to fix them.

I can see well over the rim of my rut. I would say most days; I can prop my elbows on the edge of it.
This was all said to share my personal benefits and successes with these practices over a little longer period. I’m not trying to portray that I’m always Pollyanna.
It has been very tiny changes, a lot of work, and a building journey.
This was a lot, but I really hope that someone that needs to hear it has.


If you recognized yourself in K’s story, let me tell you how we’ve worked together to help her get where she’s at today. She reached out to me about my Courage and Confidence Coaching for Whitewater Kayakers, after working together for a few months, she decided she wanted to focus on her health so she registered into the fall cleanse. She was so excited about the results she got from the cleanse that we then started working together through one on one health coaching.

If you want to experience the same positive outcomes that she’s experiencing, but you’re not sure where to start, email me. Let’s have a conversation about how you can get started on climbing out of that rut.

I’m deeply grateful that she wanted to share her story with you.

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