Women's Mexico Trip Through Paul Villecourt's Lens - Mind Body Paddle

Women's Mexico Trip Through Paul Villecourt's Lens

Women's Mexico Trip Through Paul Villecourt's Lens

Even though the Girls at Play Mexico trips are for women, we do enjoy  positive male energy once in awhile!   On the February Intermediate Women’s Trip we had the privilege of being joined by a very fun male paddler and renowned photographer, Paul Villecourt.  When I told the women on the trip that a pro photographer was coming along I didn’t get any opposition.   The women did tell him that he needed to make everyone look good.  He seems to have followed through on that part…  Below is a gallery of some of the photos he took while he was with us.

Thanks to all of the awesome women on the trip, which by the way, ranged in age from their 20s to late 60s!  Just goes to show that kayaking is fun for women of all ages, shapes and sizes.  Thanks Devon, Amy, Kat, Leila, Maggie, Vevie and Monica for an amazing trip!

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