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Jump-start Your Health Before Cold and Flu Season

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Jump-start Your Health Before Cold and Flu Season

Fall is the beginning of cold and flu season, and this year we have the added stress of Covid-19, making your baseline health more important than ever.

According to Ayurveda fall season is Vata (Air/Ether) season.
The qualities of Vata include mobile/variable, rough, dry and cold. To stay as healthy as possible it’s important to incorporate the opposite qualities in diet and lifestyle.
Are are 4 practical strategies you can do in the next 3 weeks to jump-start your health and immune health to be ready for this upcoming fall season.

1. Food

  • Start transitioning to eating warm, cooked foods, especially on cooler days. For example, oatmeal with cinnamon vs smoothie for breakfast.
  • Phase out cooling foods like cucumber, coconut and melons on cool days. Incorporate more warming foods like pumpkin spice (yes, there’s a reason it’s a fall staple). You’re welcome 🙂
  • Pay attention to food that is in season such as apples and pears. Nature’s intelligence is offering us exactly what we need for the transition.

2. Schedule

  • Routine is important in every season, but especially in fall season to counteract the variability of Vata.
  • Eat, exercise, wake up and go to bed at the same time every day. This will help to reduce  your anxiety, ground yourself and allow your body and mind to feel stable and safe. When your cells feel stable and safe they tend to thrive.

3. Activity

  • Steady activity is good for fall season. That could mean long walks or a slow, steady and strong yoga practice.
  • Reduce anxiety provoking activities, and if you continue to do them (whitewater kayaking) be sure to take breaks and slow the pace when you can. Pairing a steady, mindful yoga practice with your favorite outdoor adventure can be particularly effective for your health this time of year.
  • Start to classify meditation and deep relaxation as activities. Because they are. And you deserve to slow down and rest. Your mind, body and immune system will thank you.

4. Layers

  • Socks, scarves and hats! Wear them when the temperature starts to drop, and especially on days that start out warm, but finish up cool. According to Ayurveda keeping your head and neck warm  is important for maintaining health through the fall. Layers are your friend, don’t leave home without them!

Seasonal transitions have always been uprooting and unsteady. This year we’ve been experiencing uncertainty and transition since the pandemic hit. That means it’s even more important this fall for you to focus on cultivating the qualities of grounding, slow, steady and warm.

If you want more specific guidance on how to jump-start your health and strengthen your immune health for fall season, I invite you to join my Fall Wellness Circle. Join this group of like-minded women as you learn more about Vata, the effects of Fall season on your health and how to thrive through this traditional cold and flu season. Bonus – we’ll also be working with strategies for a stress free (as much as possible) Holiday season. Click Here to learn more.

You may decide that you’re up for REALLY transforming your health and wellness. In that case I recommend taking on the challenge of my Guided Fall Cleanse. The results women have experienced speak for themselves. You can read about them HERE.

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