20 Minute Sun Salutation Practice to Ground You - Mind Body Paddle

20 Minute Sun Salutation Practice to Ground You

20 Minute Sun Salutation Practice to Ground You

Are you feeling ungrounded and not sure what to do?

You’re not alone. I’ve heard this feeling come up in conversations with my coaching clients and friends.

The current pandemic has put uncertainty front and center in our lives. Uncertainty has always been part of the human experience, but we can’t run from  it as easily right now.

On top of that, uncomfortable conversations are being had and difficult truths are being faced on the racial justice front to effect change that has been too long in coming.

It’s important to stay grounded, aware and continue to be engaged with what life is asking of you right now.

This 20 minute sun salutation practice re-centers and empowers you to walk in the world feeling supported by the energies around you, above you, below you and inside of you.
From that place of power you can take action in alignment with what is important to you.

Face change and uncertainty with grounded fearlessness.

May you be grounded, may you be safe, may you be healthy, may you be peaceful, may you awaken to the light of your true nature, may you be fearless, and may you be free.


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