90-Day 1-on-1 Courage and Confidence Coaching with Anna

Tired of letting self-doubt and fear keep you from taking courageous and confident action towards your goals?

Are you ready to empower yourself in 2020 and re-ignite your spark for life?

I’m here to help you take courageous action toward living with greater freedom, confidence and joy.

Re-igniting your spark for life and taking courageous action sound amazing, right?!

Here’s the real deal: Creating change, taking care of yourself, and working toward your goals require getting comfortable with discomfort.

When you get uncomfortable do you retreat, or do you rise to the challenge?

Are you ready to stop giving in to the machinations of your mind telling you to stay in your comfort zone where self-doubt and unhappiness reign?

What you can expect:

  • Coaching that gets you unstuck from the reel of negative self-talk that keeps you underperforming and undervaluing yourself.
  • Practical strategies for transforming fear and self-doubt into confident and courageous action.
  • I’ll listen deeply to really hear what you want for yourself.
  • A commitment to helping you get the results you say you want.
  • I’ll be compassionate AND straight with you in keeping you accountable to what you say you want to create for yourself.
  • I’m committed to supporting you, not judging you.

This 90-day package also includes:

  • Three 60 minute coaching calls.
  • Habit implementation strategy so you can actually maintain action toward your 2020 goals.
  • Access to text or email me with questions, concerns and/or when you feel stuck, any day throughout the coaching period between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. with same-day replies.
  • Special pricing on wellness retreats, paddling instructions, SUP camps and classes.

What’s wrong with me?

That’s what I use to ask myself. It seemed like the people that I admired had a superpower that I didn’t have. How did they have everything figured out?

The truth is that those aspirational people didn’t have some special super power, but what they did have was support. Not just any kind of support, but consistent and committed coaching.

The moment I took the plunge and hired a coach who called me out on the negative self-talk and self-limiting stories, my mindset and life started to shift. I’ve been able to accomplish things I didn’t think were possible before.

I’ve been coaching women through fear and self-doubt in whitewater kayaking on raging rivers, and on stand up paddleboards through strong ocean currents for 25 years.

I’m excited to take my years of coaching and courageous action experience and apply it helping you successfully navigate the currents that are keeping land-bound in your life.

When your spark for life is re-ignited, it goes beyond enhancing your life. How you feel and live directly affects those you love and work with.

What would be possible for you, your family and community with a healthy, vibrant spark for life?

Ready to find out?

What people are saying:


“My time spent with Anna was an important component of moving mentally and physically through a tough time in my life. Her approach allowed me to gain the inner health that I needed to achieve increased performance and happiness in all areas of life.” – Chris G, Commercial Real Estate Broker, Asheville, NC

“Anna always bring a new perspective to situations and is able to gently help me see where I might be limiting myself or spinning in an unhealthy pattern/place/thought.” Jennifer B, Holistic Practitioner, Asheville, NC

“Every time we meet, Anna impacts my life in a meaningful way.” – Paula C, WV

“You’ve inspired and encouraged me, and knowing you’ll be there for me while I strengthen my newfound wings feels like a big warm hug. I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from spending time with you.” – Laurie, Film Industry Stylist, Guelph, Ontario

“After all these years, you know me. You know I struggle with my mental game and provide the right balance and encouragement.” Dee P, PhD Botanist, Richmond, VA

Ready to re-ignite your spark for life in 2020?!

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Meet Anna Levesque

Anna Levesque is the leading expert on paddling instruction for women and yoga for paddling, including SUP Yoga. Named one of the most inspirational paddlers alive by Canoe and Kayak Magazine, Anna’s twenty-plus years of experience as an accomplished international competitor, instructor, coach and author has landed her in mainstream publications such as TIME, SHAPE and SELF.

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as well as "Teachings from the River" by Anna Levesque


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"Teachings from the River"
by Anna Levesque


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"Anna is clear and concise and knows her stuff." - Instructor Candidate Evaluation, AZ

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