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90-Day Courage and Confidence for Whitewater Kayakers

90-Day Courage and Confidence for Whitewater Kayakers

Ready to take your whitewater kayaking, confidence and courage to the next level?!

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Tired of letting self-doubt, old habits and fear keep you stuck in a rut on and off the river?

Your paddling buddies are great, but you’ve probably realized that: ‘Just follow me’ or ‘you’ll be fine’ isn’t the most effective instruction or confidence building.

I’m here to help you become the confident and courageous paddler (and person) you want to become.

Together we’ll transform your kayaking into a consistent experience of power, confidence and skill.

True courage and confidence goes beyond the hard skills of kayaking. It also takes focus on cultivating a powerful mindset.

When we combine both, skill and mindset coaching, the results you’re looking for compound many times over.

What you can expect:

  • Strategies for transforming fear and self-doubt into smooth lines and powerful paddling.
  • Coaching that gets you unstuck and moving forward in your paddling and in your life.
  • A customized skills progression unique to your skill level, confidence level and goals.
  • A coach who is committed to supporting you every step of the way, not judging you.
  • Fun! Did I mention fun?!

This 90-day package includes:

  • Two 60 minute coaching calls per month (one every two weeks, six total).
  • Three days of private whitewater kayak instruction with Anna (all levels).
  • Custom video review of your paddling for each day on the water AND send in videos that you take yourself and I’ll review them.
  • Access to text or email me with questions, concerns and/or when you feel stuck, any day throughout the coaching period between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. with same-day replies.

You may be asking…

Do I really need professional instruction? My friends take me out all the time.

If you feel stuck in a rut, not fully supported by your peers or overwhelmed with fear/nerves, then I highly recommend private instruction. Your friends may be able to get you down the river, but how do you know that their advice and technique is effective? Several of my clients have had to unlearn ineffective habits passed down to them by their friends. The sooner you invest in professional instruction, the sooner you excel in kayaking, get unstuck in your mental game, and meet your goals.

Am I worth the investment? It’s just kayaking.

Yes you are worth it and here’s why:

It’s not ‘just kayaking.’ How you approach the challenges of kayaking is how you approach challenges in other areas of your life. If you can overcome your fear and choose courage on the river, you can do it in other areas like asking for a raise, making bold requests of friends and family, and making healthier choices.

Does kayaking bring you joy? Then it’s 100% worth it. Investing in your passion is also investing in your wellbeing. When you invest in your wellbeing you invest in the wellbeing of those closest to us. If you’re feeling confident, courageous and fulfilled you’ll be in a much better position to inspire and take care of those you love most.

It’s not ‘just kayaking,’ it’s YOUR LIFE! And you only get one.

Will coaching really make a difference?

Do you think you should be able to do it all on your own? Do you believe that ‘successful people’ have a superpower that you don’t have?

These are stories your mind is telling you to keep you from taking risks into the unknown, to keep you safe.

Imagine you have someone in your corner who is committed to your success. Who’s job it is to call you out on the self-limiting stories you tell yourself about why something isn’t possible.

Someone who helps you remember that you already have a superpower, and who helps you strengthen, believe in, and use it?

What difference would that make?

Yeah, it would make a HUGE difference, and the impact you could, in turn, make in the world would also be HUGE!

I’ve witnessed the power of this over and over again coaching women on and off the water for years.

But don’t take my word for it…

I would continually start what was supposed to be a fun day of kayaking with knots in my stomach, eyes wide as saucers and a death grip on my paddle. I had the skills to kayak safely, but I didn’t have confidence. I was literally setting myself up to fail. Through Anna’s coaching, we looked at the causes of my fear and self doubt. What we talked about during our phone sessions, we put into action on the river. She taught me to practice mindful engagement, breathing techniques and the importance of self check-ins. It made a world of difference! Yes, I still get nervous sometimes, but fear and self-doubt no longer consume me. GAME CHANGER!” – Lauren, AL

“I don’t know anyone who couldn’t benefit from spending time with Anna.  Her coaching has paid off in spades! ” – Laurie, Ontario, Canada

“Every time we meet, Anna impacts my life in a meaningful way.” – Paula Clelland, WV

“Anna’s coaching was the key step in transforming my kayaking to the next level.” – Laura, CO

Are you ready?

Your investment for this 90 day coaching program is $4500.00


Contact me with questions and payment plan options.

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