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My trip to Boulder, CO

My trip to Boulder, CO

I just returned from Boulder, CO today where I taught two clinics for Outdoor Divas.  Boulder is one of my favorite U.S. cities and Outdoor Divas has a lot to do with that.  It’s an outdoor gear store specifically for women and it’s awesome.  Check them out at

Some of the ladies after their first whitewater runMy trip started on Thursday when I flew from Charlotte to Denver and then made my way to Boulder where I was met by Marily, Divas’ highly talented events coordinator.  I arrived just in time to set up for the talk I was scheduled to give that evening — I’m enjoying giving inspirtational talks and am excited about more opportunities to be a motivational keynote speaker for women.  The talk is called From Kitchen Girl to Girls at Play.  I started out in the outdoor industry working in the kitchen of a rafting company and the guides used to call me ‘kitchen girl.’  Literally, that’s what they’re nickname for me was — they never imagined that I’d become a professional kayaker!  I have slides showing my travels around the world and fun anecdotes to go with them that makes for a fun and inspiring talk about following your passions and dreams.

Friday was the Girls at Play Summer Tour clinic at the Golden Whitewater Park.  Thirteen women showed up for a beginner white water kayaking class for women and it was a blast!  Ren Ledford, a talented kayaker and North Carolina transplant assisted me with the clinic.  The morning was dedicated to wet exits and basic strokes and concepts in the pond.  After our lunch, courtesy of Divas,  we headed over to the whitewater park for a quick taste of excitement.  There were a few swims, but a lot more smiles and cheers.  I think we managed to hook quite a few women and I won’t be surprised if I see them on another river soon!  Thanks to the GAP Summer Tour Sponsors:  Dagger Kayaks, Kokatat, Shred Ready, AT, IR, Probar, Nutrisoda, Tomboy Organics and Kayak Session Magazine.




Saturday, Sunday and Monday I taught a Women’s Intermediate Breakthrough Workshop with the help of Ren.  There were nine talented women in the class who were looking to improve their skills.  That’s what I love about Colorado — there are lots of women getting outside and staying active whether it be kayaking, climbing, biking, triathlon, running and the list goes on…  I was pleasantly surprised to see Laura in the class.  She was on the Women’s Intermediate Mexico Trip a few years back and it was fun to see how far she’s come with her paddling! The first day was spent at the Boulder Res to go over basic technique and the other two days were spent catching eddies, ferrying, doing s-turns, boofing and surfing at the Lyons whitewater park.  It was a blast and very inspiring for me to see the everyone improve and work through fears.  Thanks for a fantastic class ladies!  And thanks to Outdoor Divas, Marily and Ren for your good work!  



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