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Finishing the Roll

Finishing the Roll

The most common problem I see women (and men) have with their roll is that they lift their head up first when trying to finish the roll. Some even have great roll technique up until the very last second, but because they then try to throw their head up, they don’t make it! Here’s a tip that may help you keep your head down and successfully complete your roll.


As you’re finishing the roll try to keep your eyes on the paddle blade that’s coming out of the water. Even better, rotate your upper body along with your eyes to face the paddle blade coming out of the water. Rotating your upper body toward that blade will help you lift your knee and keep your head as the last thing to come back to center. And, by looking at your blade you’ll know that your head is in the right position. If you’re looking up to the sky or to the front then you’re probably lifting your head. This is a simple tip that can produce quick results.

In the photo above the paddler isn’t quite to the finish of the roll, but she’s looking down her paddle shaft as she’s coming up.  To complete the roll she will continue to look down her paddle shaft, lift her knee and end up with her paddle out of the water and her weight in her left butt cheek.



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