Southeast Ladies Paddling Series: Pigeon River - Mind Body Paddle

Southeast Ladies Paddling Series: Pigeon River

Southeast Ladies Paddling Series: Pigeon River

Saturday graced us with another gorgeous helping of sunshine, and a gorgeous group of ladies to match! 17 of us gathered at the Pigeon for a run full of plain old fun and smiles. Shannon would approve of the laughter floating up and down the river, emanating from our group! Everyone played hard and styled it up–as always, it was tricky to choose a winner for our Werner gold medal/bottle opener! With her incessant dedication to styling some awesome ferries, Kristin House ended up taking home the gold. Congrats Kristin! 11728872_10204787817718243_3945139298345156170_o

We’d like to extend a huge thank you to Rapid Expeditions for getting all of us and our boats shuttled to the top. This was very convenient and helped us out a ton! There’s nothing like boarding a bus with a bunch of friends, destined for adventure.

We’re still handing out some fun schwag from our sponsors Werner, Dagger and Kokatat, and the collection of tickets in the bucket for the grand prize raffle is growing! Thanks to Werner, Dagger and Kokatat for donating a paddle, boat and dry top, which will be raffled off at the end of the series. We raised $250 this week, bringing the grand total for the Ladies Southeast Paddling Series to $1, 400! We can’t thank you ladies enough for your support of the Shannon Christy Memorial Fund. Your donations will one day help get more women and girls out onto the water to discover the joys of kayaking that we relish in!

Saturday was so much fun, it was sad to see the takeout drift into view. The good news is, our next installment of the series will take place next Saturday on the Ocoee! Here are the details for the remaining events:
August 1 – Ocoee River – Anna Levesque, Emily Shanblatt and Angela Como leading

September 18 – Lower Gauley River – Laura Farrell, Adriene Levknecht, Maria Noakes leading

You can also check out the events on Facebook. Here are some photos of the Pigeon event. I look forward to seeing you on the river!

IMG_0928 IMG_0933 IMG_0936 IMG_0939 IMG_0944 IMG_0946 IMG_0949 IMG_0955 IMG_0956 IMG_0958 IMG_0960 IMG_0971 IMG_0977 IMG_0978 IMG_0981 IMG_0982 11754349_10204787817358234_4124147564555864739_o 11728872_10204787817718243_3945139298345156170_o 10636755_10204787820598315_5407246388178294261_o 11792154_10204787828158504_5731601163865920602_o11794558_10204787822958374_5604618016179023113_o11807442_10204787823078377_6915283202021202439_o11780054_10204787824998425_936082299877179569_o11698991_10204787825278432_8102627142082605131_o11057729_10204787825478437_3762329321968039007_o11059937_10204787825758444_8459961965797318223_o11698991_10204787826158454_1572836093976399761_o11794071_10204787826398460_7385925419638552971_o11802646_10204787826838471_879244149852335225_o11220712_10204787816878222_8260474477198850372_o

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