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Commit to your Awesomeness

Commit to your Awesomeness

DCIM100GOPRO‘Why do I feel so much resistance to kayaking today?’ That was my question to myself one recent morning as I was gathering my gear and loading my kayak. I knew that my resistance was based in fear, but I also knew that I wanted to go kayaking with my husband and friends on a river that I love.  The deal is that the river makes me nervous, and some days it makes me more nervous than others. Since I had decided to go paddling I wanted to drop the fear/resistance so that I could focus on having a great day.

I decided to ask a different question and it went something like: ‘What am I committed to in my life that makes me want to go kayaking even when I’m nervous/fearful?’ My answer was this:  What I am committed to in my life is pushing myself to do things that I am afraid of, but that I know I am capable of DCIM100GOPROdoing. Doing this builds my confidence and reminds me that I can go beyond limitations. I then set the intention that my actions and conversations from that point forward would be in integrity with that commitment. In other words, everything that I did and said would contribute to my commitment of working through fear and not detract from it. That meant that if I found myself getting caught up in a story in my head about the fear or bad lines etc… that I would acknowledge the story, and then switch to a thought or conversation that would contribute to my commitment.

You know what happened? I paddled well, had great lines and had a really good time with my friends. Getting clear on my commitment and bringing my words and actions into alignment with that DCIM100GOPROcommitment was a game changer for me in a very positive way. So, what are you committed to in your life, in your paddling? What actions are you taking and what words are you speaking that are bringing you into alignment with that commitment? This is a worthwhile contemplation and it can be a game changer for you too!

I learned this method of becoming aware of my commitments and aligning my conversations and actions with that commitment from a very powerful seminar I recently attended called The Landmark Forum. I highly recommend it to everyone interested in transforming their lives in a positive way!

If you’re interested in exploring your commitments on the water and building your skills and confidence check out our private instruction and whitewater kayak clinics for women!

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