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Tending the Fire Within – Sweet Winter Retreat

Tending the Fire Within – Sweet Winter Retreat

Tending the Fire Within was a sweet winter retreat that focused on exploring the gifts of winter and tending to our inner Fire and passion. Women came from as far as New Jersey and as close as Asheville. Paddlers and non-paddlers ready to delve deeper into their passion for life. We shared our fears and our gratitudes, laughed, ate, hiked, practiced yoga and were guided in meditation and Circle by wise Elders. We had the opportunity to let go of that which no longer serves us in our lives and invite that which we want to cultivate. It felt like everyone walked away feeling empowered and supported to go out into the world and create their lives in a sweet and joyful way! Much gratitude to all who attended and we look forward to our next women’s retreat so stay tuned!

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