Ladies Paddling Retreat at MKC, Canada - Mind Body Paddle

Ladies Paddling Retreat at MKC, Canada

Ladies Paddling Retreat at MKC, Canada

The 1st annual Ladies Paddling Retreat was held at the Madawaska Kanu Center in Ontario, Canada this summer.  The idea was to have a spa approach to kayaking and it was fantastic! The week was open to all levels and we had 11 kayakers and 7 open boaters. The retreat included lots of time on the water to work on skills, afternoon saunas, massage, a wine and cheese afternoon by the lake, yoga and a nutrition lecture. Not to mention the famous MKC menu. Yeah… it was awesome! One of the coolest things about the week was the age range of the participants.  The youngest was in her 20s and the oldest was 70 years old — I have to say that she rocked and had a smile on her face through all of the rapids.  There was lots of laughing, sharing, relaxing and paddling.  We’ve already tentatively scheduled next year’s dates so plan ahead and don’t miss out!

Here are photos from the week:

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