Creek Week 2014 Recap - Mind Body Paddle

Creek Week 2014 Recap

Creek Week 2014 Recap

Our 2014 Creek Weeks brought a total of 13 women to the mountains of Western North Carolina to explore our amazing Class IV rivers and step up their creeking skills! We were grateful to get enough rain on both weeks for premium learning and boofing conditions. Girls at Play is proud of Creek Week as it is the only program of its kind specifically for women in the world. We’ll let the photos and the short video clips below speak to the fun, friendship, learning, confidence building and amazing kayaking that happened. A big thanks to my accomplished co-instructors Emily Shanblatt, Stefanie McArdle, Adriene Levknecht and Anna Wagner who helped to make it all possible. And a huge thanks to all of the women who joined us this year – we’re here because of you!

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