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Summer Tour Kickoff!

Summer Tour Kickoff!

By Em Shanblatt

Summer is finally here!  What better way to celebrate this hot, sunny, glorious time of year than getting out on the water!?  Girls at Play hit the road this past weekend to kickoff our series of summer travel events!  The stops this weekend involved a kayak clinic and several SUP (stand up paddleboard) clinics, so I was able to finally put to use our SWEET NEW YAKIMA TRAILER!!! It’s the most amazing thing to happen to my car since I put a new 2012 Mamba on it.

The first stop was Louisville, Kentucky for a beginner kayaking clinic with our dear friends at River City Canoe and Kayak (  They’ve been wonderful hosts to us for the past 3 years, and we always get a great turnout from the ladies of The Ville! This year was no exception.  We went to Deams Lake and had a blast in the sunshine!

In the afternoon I taught a SUP course and the Currier-Journal (Louisville newpaper) came out to cover the class and write a neat story on SUP!  It’ll be out Wednesday June 13th, so keep your eyes peeled Louisville-ites!

Sunday, I travelled to Dayton, Ohio, just outside of Cincinnati.  Now, I’ve known of Dayton for years, as my father and I take an annual pilgrimage to Dayton for the world biggest amateur radio convention every spring.  Little did I know that Dayton has an AWESOME paddlesports shop AND a great community of paddlers!

Whitewater Warehouse ( was putting on a SUP demo day for folks in the are to try out this rapidly growing and fun new sport!  I was there to teach a few beginner stand up paddleboarding clinics and get folks on the water!  It was a beautiful day with a little wind, which did not slow us down!

We had tons of fun playing on Eastwood Lake, and lots of folks learned some great new skills on the SUP boards!

After the long and solo drive home, I had not fulfilled, but only instigated my summer travel bug.  We’ve got more travel dates throughout the summer so keep an eye out for events in your area!

To learn more about Stand Up Paddleboarding, check out our SUP page –

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