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Girls at Play Internship Opportunities!

Girls at Play Internship Opportunities!

Do you want to improve your teaching and paddling skills while traveling with some of the country’s best instructors?  Or learn more about the inner workings of a small paddlesport company and help it grow while learning new skills?  Or all of it?!  Check out our 2012 internship opportunities!

Girls at Play Summer Internship Asheville, NC

The Girls at Play Summer Internship based in Asheville, NC is designed to give the intern experience in the following areas:

  • Small business marketing and social media marketing,
  • Short video clip filming and editing
  • Outdoor industry business and marketing
  •  Whitewater kayak instruction
  • Stand up paddleboard instruction


  • Receive hands-on marketing and social media marketing experience with a local, growing outdoor industry company.
  • Learn how to teach kayaking from some of the best instructors in the world
  • Receive kayak coaching from some of the best female paddlers in the world.
  • Receive discounts on ACA certification and continuing paddling education/experience
  • Have fun working outside and in a small, friendly office environment!
  • Make connections in the paddlesports industry

Internship Duties

Marketing Duties:

  • Social media marketing – using our existing networks and internet marketing to promote the Girls at Play brand and grow our community
  • Videography and editing – produce short video clips to post on website and social networking sites
  • Write blog posts for website and social media
  • Be a friendly, approachable, supportive and compassionate ambassador for the company.

On-water Duties:

  • Assist lead Girls at Play instructor in beginner whitewater kayaking clinics.
  • Set safety in beginner whitewater clinics
  • Assist with the loading and unloading of gear and pre-clinic prep
  • Assist lead Girls at Play instructor with SUP workshops and Yoga on SUP workshops
  • Be a friendly, approachable, supportive, compassionate and safe instructor/ambassador on the water.

Requirements:   Class II – III whitewater kayak experience.  Own personal whitewater kayaking gear.  Some experience in social media marketing, video and editing.  Strong writing skills.  Approachable, friendly personality.  Be willing to take initiative and work energetically.

This is an unpaid internship.

Hours per week:  10 –20 hours per week May – August

For more information please send your resume and  cover letter to Anna at [email protected]

Application Deadline:  February 29, 2012

GAP Summer Tour Internship

The GAP Summer Tour Internship sends a female ACA certified instructor on a two and a half -month whitewater kayak and SUP clinic tour across the US.


  • Get an expenses paid summer paddling trip across the US
  • Improve your kayak instructing skills with some of the most highly trained and skilled instructors in the world.
  • Improve your whitewater kayaking skills by traveling to different rivers around the country and paddling in between clinics.
  • Positively affect women’s lives through kayaking and SUP
  • Learn how to SUP and how to teach SUPing
  • Receive free outdoor gear from GAP sponsors

Off-water duties:

  • Load and unload gear
  • Take care of gear
  • Write 2 blog posts per month on the GAP website
  • Post to GAP facebook and Twitter accounts once per week
  • Socialize at off-water events and be a professional, approachable, friendly ambassador for Girls at Play

On-water duties:

  • Assist the Girls at Play lead instructor with on-water kayak instruction up to class III
  • Set safety in rapids up to class III
  • Be a friendly, supportive, approachable, compassionate instructor


  • Level 4 ACA Certified Instructor (preferably through the Girls at Play/ACA Instructor Course)
  • Feel comfortable paddling in class III – IV whitewater
  • Be a professional, approachable, friendly, compassionate and fun person/intructor
  • Be willing to learn and grow
  • Be a team player willing to take initiative and work energetically for the benefit of the whole group

Compensation:  This is an unpaid internship, but your travel expenses are paid.

Time Commitment:  End of May through middle of August

For more information please send your resume and  cover letter to Anna at [email protected]

Application Deadline:  February 29, 2012


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