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2021 Fall Cleanse: How to Keep Your Momentum

2021 Fall Cleanse: How to Keep Your Momentum

Congratulations on doing the hard work to start or re-commit to your journey to self-awareness and health!

If you were drawn to this cleanse then you’re probably a lot like me – you like a good challenge. And, challenges are, well, hard! Most of the time we don’t realize what we’re signing up for, but that’s OK because we’re courageous and strong 🙂 And, that includes when we decide to choose something different or veer off the path for awhile. If you’re a kayaker, I’ll use the analogy that it takes as much courage to walk a rapid as it does to run it.

You know that self-care and investing in yourself is an investment in your present and your future, yourself and your family/community.

So congrats again!

Here are my suggestions for how to keep the self-awareness and habits you’ve cultivated during this cleanse in existence moving forward:
Maintain your morning routine.
anna drinking warm lemon water on a deck looking out at the fall colors

Morning routine is the basis for healthy habits according to Ayurveda. I recommend at least keeping thought of gratitude when you wake up, tongue scraping, lemon water and mindful movement/practice before breakfast. In addition keep up your meal timing and continue to reduce snacking so your digestive tract has a chance to digest your food!

Remember to incorporate the following qualities into your diet and lifestyle: warm, moist, steady and soft.

Here’s the link to a blog post to help give you more insight into fall season health:

Reduce the following foods and commit to eating mindfully.

Check in with yourself when you crave something. What is the underlying emotion? And after you eat, how does your body feel?

  • Dairy – including yogurt.
  • Wheat
  • Alcohol
  • Caffeine
  • Refined sugar (honey and maple syrup are OK)
  • Excess salt
  • Deep fried foods
  • Processed foods 
  • Refined cooking oils
  • Remember to eat your food warm and cooked during fall/winter.
Enjoy these foods:
  • Veggies!! Eat the rainbow – don’t just choose one veggie with your meal, but at least 3 of 3 different colors. Make sure to eat them cooked, not raw in fall/winter.
  • Whole grains such as rice, quinoa, and oats.
  • Lentils – they are very good for your gut microbiome if you can digest them.
  • Kitchen spices according to the season – think warming spices – we used a lot of them this week! And ginger tea is your friend.
  • Think about your plate or bowl being 50% veggies, 25% grains and 25% protein. This is a good rule of thumb.
  • Enjoy lots of soups and stews!

Get to know your Dosha and the qualities of each season by taking my Dosha Quiz Here! After you take it, let me know your Dosha and if you have any questions!

My favorite Ayurvedic cookbooks to use up all of your leftover spices!
  • Everyday Ayurveda Cookbook by Kate O’Donnell
  • Everyday Ayurveda for a Calm, Clear Mind by Kate O’Donnell
  • Vishnu’s Kitchen by Vishnu Das
  • Eat Feel Fresh by Sahara Rose Ketabi
My favorite books on Ayurveda:
  • The Three Season Diet by John Douillard
  • Prakriti by Dr. Robert Svoboda
  • Change your Schedule, Change your Life by Dr. Suhas

Join the Fall Wellness Circle

Maintain and deepen the healthy habits you’ve cultivated this week and stay connected to members of the group by joining my 8 week Fall Wellness Circle! You’ll get a video lesson and challenge every week, 3 group zoom calls and group support. Plus, you’ll get a 30 minute one-on-one coaching call with me. I’m going to run it if there are 8 of you interested. We’ve already got 2 so email me if you want to join. This is a great way to solidify your healthy habits before and during the busy and stressful Holiday season.

Register for the Fall Wellness Retreat

Several of you have expressed being overwhelmed with difficult emotions and are dealing with difficult circumstances that take a toll on your mental health. I invite you to find connection and relief in the Fall Wellness Retreat. Sommerville is a licensed therapist and somatic experiencing therapist. Together we hold a powerful and compassionate space for you to work through tough emotions and circumstances. The strategies we introduce will deepen the self-awareness that you’ve cultivated this week, and you’ll have them in your toolbox for the rest of your life. Take a weekend to transform your life. Here’s the link to learn more and register.

Work with me in private coaching

If you got something out of my coaching this week that you found helpful on your journey then I invite you to work with me one-on-one. This coaching is tailored for you, your dosha, your circumstances and your goals. If you want to create lasting change in your life and break free of old habit patterns that negatively affect your health this is the program for you. Real change happens through consistent action and support over time. When you coach with me I’m there for you – just a text away and the consistency of meeting every 2 weeks for 3 months, 6 months or a year. Plus, you get wellness circles and cleanses included in the 6 month and 1 year programs. Here’s the link to more information. Email me to get started. I look forward to it!

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