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Silver Surfers Workshop

Silver Surfers Workshop

Silver Surfers is a beginner white water kayaking class for women over 50.  The idea behind the class is to create a friendly and supportive space and environment for women over 50 to try white water kayaking — a sport that can be intimidating to a lot of people.  The most common reservations I hear from women about trying kayaking is their age and their fear of holding the group back.  I’ve had several women over 50 take my white water kayaking classes for women and they did very well.  I’d like to encourage more older women to get into the sport because it’s rewarding, fun and you don’t need a lot of physical strength to enjoy it.  

This was the first year that I ran the course and I had two awesome women sign up.  Click here to check out the description of the class.  I look forward to seeing more silver surfers out on the water!

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