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2010 Mexico Recap and Photos!

2010 Mexico Recap and Photos!

This year’s Girls at Play Mexico women’s whitewater kayaking trips were awesome!  We hosted three intermediate whitewater trips and one beginner whitewater trip.  Filled with paddling, yoga, salsa dancing, bongo playing, laughter and more…   I’ll let the photos and the testimonials below do the talking.  I want to give a big shout out and thanks to all of the women who joined us this year!  And, thanks to Mil, Laura and Cailyn who rocked as instructors, guides and photo/video divas!  If you want to join us in 2011 check back soon for the dates and book your spot early as the trips filled fast this year.   Happy paddling!

“I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing week! I don’t think I had
any idea I was going to have SO much fun!”
— Mary Frances Hansford, Atlanta, GA

“I feel like a lot of attention has been paid to detail and catered to women. Meaning, just enough sensitivity and pampering (smiles, positive, constructive criticism and wine) yet still a full on paddling trip. I loved the yoga too. What a great compliment to paddling and for an exhausted mother/ co-business partner!” — Greyson Briere, Asheville, NC

“I learned so much about kayaking, Mexico, and myself. This trip was more than a kayaking trip, it was an introspective, cultural kayaking experience. You have put together a fantastic vacation.” — Salli Katz, AL

” Anna has weaved a wonderful creation of fun exciting rivers, gradual skill progression, authentic foreign cultural experiences and a supportive environment to let your guard down and just have fun learning the wonderful sport of whitewater kayaking. She calls it Girls at Play and I’d recommend it to any woman!” — Angie Purcell, PA

“This trip exceeded my expectations!  I’ve been paddling for a year, but I learned more this passed week than in the past 12 months.” –Eleni Fargos, NJ

“It was a real pleasure to see the level of skill exhibited by the women support staff and yourself especially since I have mostly paddled with men.   Also, appreciated the way the week was structured both on the river and off.” — Janice Fiore, PA

“I am still a little high from the trip, must be something in the air down there. Life always brings exactly the gems I need to grow and prosper… many thanks.” — Cindy Frost, Austin, TX

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