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Fun, Learning and Sharing at the WW Symposium!

Fun, Learning and Sharing at the WW Symposium!

If you haven’t experienced the Whitewater Symposium then you best put it on your calendar for 2010.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to learn, to share and to paddle with top padders, instructors, industry leaders and paddling enthusiasts.  There are all types of presentations, speakers, panels, river running classes, playboating classes, rolling classes, stand up paddle board classes, kayak fitness… and the list could go on and on.  Whether you’re an avid recreational paddler or involved in the whitewater industry, this event is such a wonderful place to learn and share ideas about how to follow your passion,  improve your skills, encourage more people to get out on the water and grow your business or career.

At this year’s Symposium I taught paddling classes, sat on panels, tried a SUP, did a kick-butt kayak fitness workout, paddled with old friends, learned from industry veterans and just had a really good time! I met a lot of great people and soaked in the beautiful fall colors of New England.  The vibe was positive, full of excitement and cutting edge ideas.  One special element for me was getting to catch up with my friend Jessie Stone and her organization Soft Power Health.  Back in 2004 I traveled to Uganda to help her with her grassroots efforts of preventing and treating malaria in local communities along the White Nile River.  Since then the organization has taken off and continues to grow and do amazing things at the grassroots level to improve people’s lives in Uganda.   Jessie’s work is very inspiring so please check it out.  Click here to learn more about the organization.

Thanks to Zoar and Janet Cowie for organizing and running an awesome event!  Here are two photos taken by Mark Singleton.  And here’s a link to photographer Adam DuComb’s website where many more photos from the weekend are posted.

Enjoy and see you at the Symposium next year!


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