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3 Morning habits that lead to a powerful mindset

3 Morning habits that lead to a powerful mindset

If you want more courage and confidence on the water, then you need to start your day in a powerful way.

What you do first thing in the morning can make or break your mindset for the rest of the day.

When you wake up and immediately look at your phone you’re already giving your power away to other people. Your nervous stress level spikes and your day is already off to a disempowering start.

If you want to master your whitewater mindset, then you’ve got to start with mastering your morning routine with consistency.

Here are 3 morning habits that lead to a powerful mindset on and off the water:

1. When you wake up express gratitude for your life

Truly, looking at your phone first thing in the morning is the worse thing you can do for your mindset, your nervous system and your health. Instead, take a moment to quietly express gratitude for your life and set an intention for the day. It can be a simple intention like: ‘I’m going to show up with courage today.’

2. Drink a warm cup of lemon water before coffee or tea
anna drinking warm lemon water on a deck looking out at the fall colors

Good hydration is key for your body and your mind. Drinking enough water helps your body’s natural cleansing process, and supports digestive function, body temperature regulation AND cognitive function (among other things). Hydrating first thing in the morning is good for your brain, and a healthy brain helps when it comes to cultivating a powerful mindset.

3. Mindfulness practice (yoga for paddling is my favorite 🙂

Pull out your yoga mat, your meditation cushion, or go for a mindful movement walk. Choose an activity that helps to clear and focus your mind. My personal favorite is practicing yoga for paddling every morning. Learning how to focus on your breath while moving mindfully, and holding a pose that feels strenuous while breathing can teach you how to calm your anxiety. You can check out free yoga for paddling classes and guided meditations on my youtube channel. I even have a class that’s helpful for rolling.

My challenge to you is to do all 3 of these things BEFORE you look at your phone in the morning. Choose courage and confidence over mindless scrolling and FOMO.

I’ve got a lot more morning habits to power your mindset! This Thursday I’m offering a free webinar called Master your Whitewater Mindset: Morning habits for a powerful mindset. REGISTER HERE.

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