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How to clear frustration out of your life

How to clear frustration out of your life

Have you ever felt miserable, wanted to feel better, but forgot how?

I share mindset tools all the time on this blog, but the last few weeks I forgot to use them for myself.

Then my coach asked me a super powerful question that had me stop in my tracks.

I was complaining to him about how disempowered and frustrated I had been feeling recently, and how certain negative circumstances kept popping up in my life over and over. It was pulling me into the ‘why me’ mentality, and I was starting to believe that there was nothing I could do.

After a pause, he asked me: ‘What are you a clearing for in your life?’

If that seems like a confusing question, let me give a simple example of what being a clearing means. It’s springtime and one thing most of us do in the spring is clean out our closets. If we don’t clean out our closets and try to stuff more clothes in, there’s no room. In order to bring in new clothes for the new season we need to first make room.

Another way to ask that question is what are you making room for in your life?

The question stopped me in my tracks because I hadn’t thought of it in that context in a long time. And because I wasn’t being mindful about what I am a clearing for in my life, I wasn’t being intentional about what I was making room for. Instead, the negative reactions and self-talk were taking up all of the space. There wasn’t room for anything positive or empowering!

I reflected on what he said to me, and I realized that one of the ways that I create clearings for myself is with my altar in my yoga room. It’s a visual symbol of beauty and mindful intention that I visit every morning during my daily practice.

All of my altar pieces were packed away and I hadn’t yet taken the time to set my altar since I returned from my winter in BC. I decided to unpack and set my altar. It felt inspiring to set pieces with the clear intention of what I am inviting into my life. When I was done my body naturally gave a big sigh of relief.

I don’t have to be at the mercy of negative circumstances – I can keep coming back to being a clearing for what I want in my life. And so can you!

What do you want to clear out of your life?

What are you a clearing for in your life, and what action can you take today to intentionally invite what you want into your life?

Email me and let me know! It helps to declare it to someone else to keep your intention alive.

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