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How to get results in the face of self-doubt

How to get results in the face of self-doubt

Flooded with self-doubt, I decided to join my husband, Andrew, for some stress relieving ski runs. I was contemplating my predicament as we were riding up the chair lift.

There had been so many cancelations in the past month (including my entire Barbados trip due to Omicron), and a few other programs that didn’t end up running. I was super concerned for my business, caught up in the stress of it all, and questioning my ability to generate results in my life.

I looked around at the scene: Snow covered evergreens, towering mountains and fresh powder. The quiet peacefulness of winter was inspiring and calming.

Overwhelmed with gratitude and awe, I turned to Andrew and said: “We created this experience.” He replied, “Yeah we did. And we did it with a declaration.”

In that moment, my entire perspective changed from what was wrong to what was right in my life.

We had taken on moving to a small ski town in Western Canada for the winter to infuse adventure into our lives with a focus on spending time enjoying a sport that we both love, but hadn’t spent a lot of time doing in the last 25 years or so.

Declare your intention

Andrew was right, we declared it as an intention and kept telling people about it. We started to think of ourselves as people who were spending the winter in Fernie, BC.

I can’t stress this point enough. We are always in conversation with ourselves and others. Declaring our intentions and talking about them brings them to the forefront of our lives and keeps them alive.

Take action

Because we were telling folks what we were doing, we also started taking action to make that intention a reality. We bought our ski passes in June – small investment. That action put something at stake for us. Our investment spurred more action to make it happen.

This essential step is one that most folks skip due to fear. Unfortunately, when you choose to not put something at stake, you kill your intention. It’s scary to invest resources, time and energy into something that you’re not sure will work out, but it is an essential step to bringing your intention into reality.

Keep taking action in the face of ‘failure’

The search for accommodation for our stay in Fernie didn’t go as smoothly as we had hoped. In fact, Fernie made the national news in Canada because of a housing shortage. We posted several times in the renters group on FB, searched listings, and asked local friends to keep their eyes open for a place. As of the beginning of September we still didn’t have a place to stay, nor did we have our placed in Asheville rented for the winter.

It was getting down to the wire, and it was stressful, but giving up wasn’t an option. I remember making a very intentional post in the FB group, and one person with a 3 bedroom condo in town messaged me back. All it took was one, and it was a good one! Right after that we found great renters for our house too. Not by chance, but because we kept taking action to put it out there.

And then we packed up our stuff and our dog, and drove across the country for a week to get there! No small feat 🙂

Remembering all of this in that moment on the chairlift was a powerful reminder that, in the face of challenges, the thing to do is re-declare intentions and continue taking action.

I know I can generate results in my life, and I also know that you can too. Look for the evidence of this in your own life.

What’s the intention you’re declaring today for your health or for your paddling? What’s one action you’re taking toward that intention today?

Email me and tell me about it! The more you talk and affirm it in conversation, the closer you get to making your intention a reality!

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