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Hello, I'm Anna.

My passion is helping women re-ignite their spark for life.

Twenty five years ago I was on-track to follow in my father’s footsteps and pursue a career in law, until… I got a summer job working in the kitchen of a whitewater rafting company.

That summer I discovered my spark and it changed me forever.  Since then I’ve consistently chosen having a ‘real life’ over having a ‘real job.’

If you’re ready to get your spark back (and keep your real job) I’m here for you!

As an award winning paddling coach, former pro-athlete, certified Ayurveda health coach and author, I’ll help you become the person you want to be in Mind, Body and Adventure.




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What clients are saying...

Larry, OH

Anna is an amazing teacher, coach, and person. Her life is dedicated to making yours better.

Paula, WV

Every time we meet, Anna impacts my life in a meaningful way.

Adriene, NC

Anna has been a huge mentor for me and pushes every human to be the best human they can be.

Almut, Germany

You provided really good reminders that it is important to step up to my potential, AND remain true to myself.

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